5 Simple and Fun DIY Paint Stick Crafts

Want some craft ideas to make with paint sticks? If you want to try some paint stick DIY projects then you’ve come to the right place. Grab those paint stirrers and let’s start crafting!

Don’t you just love it when you discover something new to use for your crafts? I recently discovered paint stir sticks. Something you wouldn’t normally think twice of keeping but has a lot of amazing uses. Whether it’s something you’ve already used on a painting project or some leftovers you have lying around, there are a lot of DIY craft projects you can make with them. So to also give you some inspiration on what DIY project to do next with your paint sticks, I’ve made a list that you can try. They’re so fun and easy!

DIY Paint Stir Stick Flower Box

This DIY flower box will make a great DIY decor or centerpiece. If you are in love with those old fashioned apple crate centerpieces you have been seeing everywhere? Well guess what, Jenn from Build-Basic, is here to take you through the steps to your own dream centerpieces yourself!  This DIY paint stir stick flower box is surprisingly simple, plus we even give you the bouquet recipe for the fab florals she filled them with!

DIY Address Plaque

Do a little paint stick art by making your own address plaque. This will look amazing on your front door.I would make an inexpensive address plaque made from PAINT STICKS for the front door. This project is very easy to do and would make a fantastic housewarming gift! I’ll show you how to make your own.

Paint Stick Herringbone Pattern Table Top

Get ready to breathe new life to your old table with paint sticks.Herringbone patterns are hot right now.  This little table with the herringbone pattern out of paint sticks is to die for.  Karianne from Thistlewood Farm is here to show you how she did it.  She amazes me with her talent!  I want this little table somewhere in my house.

Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

A cheap and easy DIY project that will instantly add a burst of sunlight into any room.How to stack them nicely enough around the center to make it worth my effort, but that little road bump didn’t stop me from snagging more than my fair share of free stir sticks at a time, like 8 or 10, over the course of a month.

Paint Stick Wall Art

It may sound a bit ironic that you have to paint the paint sticks but this is one cool DIY wall art project you should give a try. So easy.

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